Equation Deduction for

by “Artificial Center of Gravity Shift” with
A-symmetrical M-odification of G-ravity by counter-spinning masses in brief: ROTATIONS-AMG

The earth is shrinking by traffic developments, internationalization and globalization. Increasing restrictions of life requirements for the future of mankind cannot be excluded anymore. In order to secure life conditions for the future, new traffic and communication contacts to the surroundings of the earth become imperative. Up to the present time exclusively two kinds of space propellant systems are existing: 1. Chemical- and 2. Ion-Drives. Both systems repel mass. If the fuel tank is empty, the rocket remains without control. In this case the “Artificial Center of Gravity Shift” without mass consumption improves matters at issue. Only the consumption of energy is necessary.

The center of gravity shift SV is calculated with the product of the two factors: 1. size of mass by r and 2. the angle function “sin α”. The deflection angle α is calculated by the quotient: Omega Ω divided by “c” (α = Ω/c). Ω hereby represents the mantle speed of the counter-spinning masses and “c” embodies the propagation speed of the spreading gravitational field lines equal to the velocity of light.

causes an “Artificial Center of Gravity Shift (SV)”;
equation for SV:

SV = r · sin α

…. stems back to the 1960ies, first published under ISBN: 3-921 291-00-3 in 1970. Compare No.1 of ten listed publications in chronological sequence below. For a quick checking on top of each publication reference “page numbers” are indicated. On those pages all deduction details concerning the SV-Equation are explained.


in alphabetical sequence

  • Artificial Center of Gravity Shift: “SV” (“KSV” in comparison with the Natural Center of Gravity Shift “HSV”
  • Equation for “Artificial Center of Gravity Shift”:   SV = r * sin α
  • Field Deflection: Ω / c  (mantle speed Omega divided by the speed of light)
  • Field Deflection Angle α:   α = Ω / c
  • Mantle Speed:  Ω
  • Propagation Speed: c
  • Rotations-AMG: A-symmetrical M-odification of G-ravitation
  • SV: Center of Gravity Shift